Marsha Guillaume

Ms. Marsha Guillaume, MPH is the Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Officer and an Assistant Professor at the College of Graduate Nursing at WesternU. Marsha has a strong commitment to and understanding of public health with over seven years of project management experience focusing on health equity, social justice, innovative instruction and programming, long-term institutional capacity building, and strategic planning. As the Chief Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DEI) Officer at the College of Graduate Nursing, Marsha collaborates with faculty, students, and staff to develop and implement strategies and initiatives that advance a climate of diversity and inclusion. She actively engages students, faculty, and staff to further actions, attitudes, and policies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. She assesses the need for, and recommend training initiatives on, cultural competency, gender differences, disability, sexual harassment, and other topics designed to increase awareness and support of equity and inclusion values. As faculty, Marsha adapts antiracist pedagogies to denounce the system of oppression that marginalizes some and privilege others.

While serving on various community boards like Pomona’s Promise Leadership Team and African American Community Engagement Project, Marsha upheld The College of Graduate Nursing’s commitment to identify and make available programs designed to reduce health risk factors related to chronic disease in African- American and Latinx communities. Prior to her faculty appointment, Marsha was the Community Coordinator at the College of Graduate Nursing, where she coordinated more than 40 health events per academic year. As a community coordinator, she developed and delivered culturally appropriate and competent health curriculum and programs; used validated tools and instruments to establish performance indicators; strategized and researched new funding prospects to support ongoing health education and promotion programs. Throughout Marsha’s career, her leadership strategies have always focused on the development of effective collaborative relationships through support and trust building. Marsha’s collaborative and transformational leadership style continues to allow her to properly respond to ever-changing healthcare challenges and demands.

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