Shara Ally

As a WesternU Alumni, Dr. Shara Ally served as the DNPA President during her DNP program. Dr. Shara Ally is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NEUROorganics Inc., Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Lotus Medical Community Clinic in California, Head of the Student Wellness Centre at Laurier University, and Lead Mental Health Strategist and Consultant for the TKC Company and RogersTV in Canada. She sits on the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Global Research Federation Publishers, and Mental Health and Addictions Program Advisory Committee boards. In addition, Dr. Ally holds an adjunct faculty role at the University of Toronto and serves as a Teaching Mentor at McMaster University. Dr. Ally has published her research in the Family Physician Journal, Developmental Disabilities of Ontario book, and presented it across the USA, Canada, India, and Europe. Dr. Ally fuses her medical and business background to produce high yield health and wellness products and services within her practice. The aim is to provide proactive and preventative health options for clients, businesses, and communities. Her passion is to help each client re-balance physical and mental health expenditures to eliminate client concerns regarding cost, access, and optimize satisfaction.

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